Who We Are

Young Successful Leaders was created to impact the lives of youth and affect the community. YSL’s main focus will be creating young leaders, entrepreneurs and financial builders which will allow our youth and young adults to flourish and lead their families, peers, friends and community. Young Successful Leaders plans to work with youth ages 10 to 18 years old .

“We Build Youth, Who Build Youth”

Nobody will believe in the dream like you can because you are the only one it was presented too.

— Our Mission.

YSLI will be known as the premier youth Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Workforce Development educational organization in Baltimore City and County.

— Our Vision.

Our vision is to develop 1,000 youth entrepreneurs by 2030.

— Our Story.

Young Successful Leaders Inc merged with the Cottda Foundation which was a well established 501c3 since 2005. The new name of our organization is now Young Successful Leaders Inc. established in 2020 Young Successful Leaders Inc. We were created to impact the lives of youth and change the community. We notice the economic disparity in developing entrepreneurs and leaders because of the lack of locally owned businesses and the lack of local leadership in various communities. We develop youth ages 10-18 and young adults 18- 25 into Leaders and Entrepreneurs,Financial literacy, workforce development members into youth and young adults who flourish and lead their families, peers, friends and communities–today and into the future.

We choose fireflies because they have been arounds for hundreds of years. They can fly and light up their pathway and also show people and animals where to go. The young fireflies eat alot to survive and the old do not eat as much to survive. Fireflies light up to and give different signals for different things and they have a unique body design that shows who they are from afar. We want our youth to eat all the knowledge that we are teaching them and store it in their mind. Then fly out into the world and light up the world with all their skills, innovativeness and mindset..