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The Entrepreneurship Youth Program: We choose this because there is a true lack of local economic development in other walks of our neighborhoods. There are no consistent businesses giving back to the community with their products and services. There were no consistencies in businesses creating a fund that will allow our community to move toward Economic stability. We saw that it did not have a true concept, structure or programming that is needed to make a business sustainable and successful.

We are a company that focuses on making sure they have a social entrepreneurship outlet and a financial understanding on what it takes to create, open and operate a business that will help provide for them and their families. Once they complete the program and assessments show they understand the materials, we also offer a shark tank environment to help create and bring 30 percent of our cohort members to the community with proper licensing, bank account, marketing materials and website. We also will provide business development as they continue their entrepreneurship journey.


The Leadership was created with the thought of expanding our youth skill set with a group of tools that will prepare our youth for a life of leadership and civic works. We wanted to prepare our youth for family, community and workplace. The best way is to show them and then back it up with some development tools and activities. We want to make sure they know how to address conflict resolution, team building, personal development and how to lead through company growth and loss.. We truly believe if we raise our youth up correctly the best is yet to come for them. Our youth are our future in the community and workplace and we need to keep adding more workforce development tools for them as they evolve with technology.

Multimedia Youth Talks

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WorkForce Development
Job readiness programs aim to help individuals become economically self-sufficient. They typically focus on low-income individuals or other disadvantaged populations. They work to empower individuals to take care of themselves and their families by developing the skills needed to find and keep a job.

Our goal is to develop youth with various work skill sets that will prepare them for the workplace.

Our program is created for work readiness program participants that have not been in a consistent working environment, or participants that have not worked for quite some time. This two-part program focuses on developing skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

This six-week course helps individuals with disabilities get ready for competitive employment through videos, lectures, guest speakers, worksite tours and job shadowing experiences.

Community Enrichment

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Financial Literacy

YSLI Financial Literacy Programs teach financial literacy through entrepreneurship. Our program is available for Youth 10 – 18 and Young Adults 18 – 25 . We welcome all students to come and experience the enrichment of the mind with our real life financial opportunities. In our program the youth and young adults learn how to manage cash and apply it to real life scenarios and they learn general financial management, entrepreneurship, teamwork, investing for beginners and how to write a business plan . Our goal is for our Youth and Young Adults to develop a skill set that will allow them to navigate through all the financial situations that are presented to them. Why Enroll Your Child In Our Financial Literacy Programs for the Youth.

There is an economic disparity with financial literacy that plagues our communities and negatively impacts our communities for over three decades. Our youth and young imate what they see and if all they see is financial decisions being made from poor financial economic education then they will make the same poor economic driven decision. Here at YSLI we pride our teaching and development financial program on youth and young adults. We help guide young adults in making quality financial decisions that will impact their lives. These are the potential benefits of enrolling your child in our financial literacy programs for the youth and young adults.

  • They will develop a strong knowledge of money management
  • They will learn how to save money applying quality strategies.
  • As they grow from youth to young adults they will be able to make financial decisions that will positively impact their economic footprint in their life.
  • They will learn how to manage their future household which we call a house entrepreneur.
  • Our youth and young adults will grow understanding what situations will or will not benefit them financially.
  • They will understand the core meaning of being an entrepreneur which is taking risk but will balance that quality decision making in money management.

YSLI ’s financial literacy programs for our youth and young adults will create situations that will allow them to make decisions knowing they have learned how to address the problem or opportunity.

When we go over money management we use scenarios that they see every day. We develop them with tools acquired from our entrepreneurship and financial literacy program. When they have this knowledge they are better prepared for the financial obstacles that may come in the near or distant future.

Culinary Program

For youth in Baltimore City and County, one of the best recipes for success combines useful skills, newfound confidence and positive ways to spend time upon release. The Young Successful Leaders and Tasters Choyce Catering Culinary Arts & Hospitality program is a cornerstone of how we help youth create more positive futures. And, since the program involves food, it is not surprisingly one of the most popular programs with the teens we serve.

Social Emotional Learning
Social–emotional learning is an educational method that aims to foster social and emotional skills within school curricula. It captures the energy of an individual and allows them to recognize and self reflect on themselves. Research has shown that the impact of social-emotional learning (SEL) runs deep. We use various activities to help stimulate the thoughts process of individuals in our program. We also use various forms of the awareness wheel in order to help support and understand one’s thoughts.
Household Entrepreneurs

Home economics is an effort to teach students about care for a home and family and to open new career avenues. Modern home economics courses offer inclusive education to all students, including those in middle school. This paper attempts to construct a home economics curriculum for middle school students. Keywords: Curriculum, Home Economics Elementary, Middle and High school students

Introduction Home economics is an effort to teach students about care for a home and family and to open new career avenues. Modern home economics courses offer inclusive education to all students, including those in middle school. An attempt to construct a home economics curriculum for middle school students is presented as a paper. A syllabus for class 4-12 is constructed.


The objectives of Home Economics are:

1. to help students prepare themselves for home and family living;

2. to provide experiences that prepare for home economics employment;

YSLI We got TALENT Program

This program was created for the youth to further be able to express themselves. They can emerge themselves into what is within their mind and body. This is a no judgment zone for pure creativity and expression.

We will have four showcases a year supporting the ideas and innovations of other youth. In the ARTS space. We will have a Fashion show,art presentation,dance,singing and rapping, spoken word all in one evening. We also will have a Bridgerton Ball at least two times a year.

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